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Regarding to buyer request

hello every one i am new on fiverr and i got my first buyer request. she ask me my portfolio as i have little work to show i send her randomly. is it a right way or should have to make my portfolio, and second thing is that what is the professional way to grab the order.

really need suggestion


Your portfolio will be developed as you work. Considering you just started, when a client asks to see your portfolio, you send what you have and tell them the truth, that you’re new at this and don’t have that much to show. By the way, what do you mean by randomly? Did you send her some of your past work or some random thing you found on google?

if you don’t show the client you on work and if he placed same type of work and you couldnt do it it could give your gig a very very bed impression

no no not from google it just my past work which i have done, new on fiverr i have nothing to show. So did my past work will be considerable as my abilities.

and how that is be maded

Depends where your past work is from. I mean, what’s your gig about? For example, if you write short stories, and your first buyer on fiverr asks for a sample of your work, considering you don’t have other stories written for fiverr, you probably have a few outside of it, and you can send one of those.

i’m developer. I can create your website. If you need any portfolio website send inbox message for more discuss