Regarding views/clicks


Everyone is talking about clicks and views, but we never truly know if those come from potential buyers, or from competitive sellers from Fiverr, who look around to improve their own gigs, now do we? :grin:


I don’t pay attention to those very much. I haven’t found them to be very helpful as far as sales go.


Well I was looking through my gig statistics to compare impressions with clicks/views, to see how well my tags/gig images are doing.

However I thought about it for a while and yes, as far as sales go, it actually might not be as helpful to be honest.


I disagree that clicks/views aren’t important to consider, it does help to know that your gigs are getting clicks/views. (or in case it doesn’t get any views, you know that something needs to be done to improve your impression)

Orders will pour in only when people actually come on your gig page and view it. As simple as that. No rocket science involved here :slight_smile:

btw, I even get multiple views of my gigs which are at the draft stage lol so obviously, this system isn’t as accurate… or who knows, some secret Fiverr staffs are monitoring your draft gigs lol O_o


No we don’t. Just cater for it in any calculations/analysis you do. Also if you’re comparing over time it won’t matter if you assume the same distribution of buyers/other parties.


Let me explain why I don’t find clicks and views helpful. You may have those but have zero sales. Or you may have sales without many clicks and views. My suggestion to you is to pay less attention to clicks and views and more to how many sales you are getting.