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Regardless if order is marked complete

Has this always been a policy with Fiverr?

I recently got an email from support stating that an order that was marked complete a couple weeks ago that the buyer still wanted work done to the order. I was under the impression that once a gig is marked completed that the business transaction was final. He said,

“I would like to remind you that regardless of the status of the order that is marked as completed, it is still your responsibility to make sure the buyer is satisfied.”

Hmmm :thinking:

Did you offered any revision? if yes then your buyer responded to you with very reasonable way. Otherwise your buyer can leave a bad review on your profile.

I offered a revision and completed it. So I thought it was done after the revision as he marked it as complete

yes it is completed but if he still have revision option he has rights to ask for it. how many revisions you offered him? or you can consult with CS if you think it is out of the way.

If you offer unlimited revisions you are bound to do any and all revisions whether or not the project is completed.

If you don’t want to do that, you need to reduce the number of revisions you offer and make it clear in the description or faq that once the project is complete, there will be no more revisions.

Fair? No. But it is what it is.

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Never said I offered unlimited revisions

Offered just one revision

Difficult to tell, George, since you have your profile set to private and no link to the gig.

If you only offer one revision take a screenshot of that, the revision and anything else you think might help and attach them to a note to CS.

Also block the buyer if appropriate.

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To be honest I wouldn’t do it.

I probably would’ve tell the buyer that he used all free revisions offered in your gig and you can send him a custom offer for x amount for other round of changes.
If he declines it then you can go back to CS and tell them that your client used all his free revisions on the order that was completed for months and doesn’t want to pay for more so you consider your work is done here as you delivered everything as promised.