Regrading refund of order after completing the work


I’m facing some problem .Few days back one of my order got cancelled by fiverr.Well that was a 20 days long project and I have done everything .But my buyer gave me the wrong formula.After completing we just refusing my work .I didn’t contact support earlier.All on a sudden I got a notification and warning and the order got cancelled it was full done .After that I contact them they said nothing to do now.

Now i’m facing another issue with a buyer .The work is 60% done but due to some technical difficulty it’s not letting complete the task just because of his theme licensed and poor service.Now he is asking for refund.I’m just getting frustrated after working hard and those sleepless night effort it’s really so frustrating.

I’m looking for the suggestion of experts what should I do now ??

I don’t wanna work free anymore. My time my effort values.

Please share your view and gimme some suggestions what to do .



I have faced the same problem also.
After completing the orders buyers cancel the order.


Communicate with your buyer. Let him know why you won’t be able to issue a refund. You probably want to contact customer support as well to make sure they get a heads up.
It’s always best to split larger or longer projects into smaller ones. Perhaps you can start offering some milestones instead of working on a big order for 20 days.


That’s gone already.I’m asking for current one please read the text full


Please read my reply again. I am referring to the current order as well as future orders.


I said already .That’s not on my hand .He is refusing to wait for the solution from the theme support he is using .


It’s in YOUR hand whether you are going to agree to the cancellation request or not.
I also gave you a suggestion on how to handle future orders to prevent this from happening again.

Cheers and good luck!


Can you please suggest in details about the support thing .Should I mail them regarding this earlier??


That’s pathetic .How many times you faced it??


I hope you see what I mean here.

You are making some excuses for not completing your work.

It does not matter what the reasons are that you can’t do it on time.

It is up to you to figure out how to get the jobs done on time and no excuse, no matter what it is, matters.

If you cannot complete a job on time then please refund the money to the buyer. No excuses are allowed.

“my buyer gave me the wrong formula”

“it is not letting me complete the task”



A cancellation is not that big of a deal, and gives only temporary disadvantages, that aren’t even noticeable, unless you have very few orders occurring. So always accept a cancellation request, no matter how stupid the reason is. However, if it’s extra stupid reason that you couldn’t affect, you can ask support if they can cancel the order, without it having any effect on you. Not sure if that’s possible these days anymore, though.