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Regular Clients

turn to the forum instead of working whenever I can. ha ha.

I have been wondering lately how many regular clients everyone has and how they work them in compared to new clients. I have about 10-15 right now and have a hard time working out my calendar. Of course everyone wants everything as fast as possible (and for as cheap as possible) but when EVERYONE wants to be next in line someone has to end up getting upset. I know this is a good problem to have but I certainly don’t want any unhappy customers. Right now I am three weeks out on work and book myself every other day to accommodate for ‘new clients’ or a day off (hopefully). Is there a point that you don’t take any new clients or stop making deals for old ones? How do you guys go about situations like this.

Any advice would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.

I have a ‘lot’ of repeat clients I have earned over the years. But when it comes to order… it’s still first come first serve. I have repeat clients because I’m good at what I do… not because I favor new or old clients over one another.

Repeat customers are the ones that help you get through the slow seasons.

If you can’t handle the amount of work, just change your delivery timeframe.

I have basically learned what work load I can do a day and then divided that into hourly chunks. Once they are full they are full. I am booked about a month out now. A few of my regulars have committed to purchasing a certain number of hours a week. For instance Fridays from noon-4 every week I will be working for such and such client. It seems to work out pretty well.