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Regularly I Update My Gig But have not Response any Buyer

I have Create some Gig about Last month.I am New here.Need some Review from Buyer.I used to regularly update My Gig’s Metadata also share social network but cannot progress my impression my Gig.

need some advece guys


I think it’s getting to a point where you are getting quite desperate, even spammy.
I believe a good number of people told you already to read through the forum,
and I am guessing that you did try to make some changes to a certain point,
but you are not aware that the changes you have made are not good enough, and you
are not doing it right.
Are you aware that there are still many grammar errors in your
gig description? Maybe you might have changed them, but the errors are still there.
I’m sorry but I’ll be honest, you are not capable of coming up with a decent description
on your own. In one your gig description it says
"- Excellent Written and Spoken English Skills." but your English is far from
being excellent. The description about how many years of experience you have is
inconsistent, which gives me the impression that at least some parts of the description
is a copy of another seller’s gig.

At this point it might be best if you actually hire someone (in this case, buy a gig from Fiverr)
to write a gig description for you and also create a good quality gig sample image.
Having that said, you should have some past work sample images if you really are a
web designer. Also even if you did ask someone to write the description and create a
good sample image for you, in order to be successful at Fiverr you need to be good at
whatever it is you are trying to sell and I get the feeling you are not experienced enough.