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Reimbursement For Product Purchase To Create an Ad

I need advice on how to seek reimbursement from buyers for products. I create video ads for social media and Amazon listings. Many times, the buyers are from overseas, and in order to get the product to me quick, they have me purchase the product, and they reimburse me for it. In the past, I have given them my paypal info so they can reimburse me that way, because if they reimburse me through Fiverr, 20% will be removed, and I won’t be fully reimbursed. Well, yesterday, I got a warning notice from Fiverr that my account had been flagged for giving other types of payment info, which I assume is paypal info. The notice warned that if this happens again, my account will be suspended.

Is there any appropriate way to have a client reimburse me for a product I purchased to create a video, other than to include it in the order? If I include it in the order, I’m either going to lose 20% of the purchase price, or I will have to add that to the buyers cost… which they are not going to be happy with… Any suggestions?

I would only include it in the order incl adjusting for the fees or have them supply it up front as a review sample without you purchasing. Making sure that Cancellations or Chargebacks can never happen - or if they do you have the ability to bury the operator who is already dubious but has crossed over to scuzzy.

Otherwise this is simply a paid review which is always dubious in the extreme as they are using your review not only to make them look like they have genuine happy customers but to show the purchase as a number, when it is not.

I think this is a fine line either way and if they won’t comp the product you are in sticky territory.


Maybe… have them purchase it and send it to you?

Yes… I agree… many times… these products are shipped from china… and it takes almost a month sometimes for them to arrive… so some of them ask me to purchase so I can get it quicker… They are not reviews… however i have been asked to do that as you can well imagine… but they are professional ads that describe the product features and benefits. But yes… I agree… it’s sticky territory…

Ok, yes adverts. No reputable company gets their advertising agency to buy the product.

The only time that is done is for a Phantom Shopper. If this is not what you are doing, then I would say to take care as these people are either clueless of playing a devious game. As we all know with leopards, once spotty, always spotty. They will drag you down with them, as has already happened.


Oh my! That is a SCARY thought. No,… I am not savvy to this business… I just started doing this as I am a videographer that wanted to earn some extra $$. Normally I video weddings, and just stuff for myself… so I had no idea!

It is not that you can’t/shouldn’t make their adverts, just be aware that good business has rules, just as good war (war conducted ethically - tricky as that may seem) has rules that minimize any potential for damage.

A business that can’t plan ahead is one that is likely to leave a trail of mess behind it. I bet that Apple already have 3-5 products we don’t know about all lined up with potential marketing plans in-case they decide to hurl them as the unsuspecting populace. They don’t do it all in a weekend for $30 after making 50 “reviewers” buy the item.


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You definitely make a good point… But you know… MANY of these clients who are coming to me… are amateur sellers on Amazon… They have no clue… All they know is they need a video to make their product sell better. That may be a part of the problem… they aren’t big businesses… I charge a pretty low rate for video production, specifically because most of these people just getting started don’t have the finances for expensive video… I WAS charging even less than I am now… but I was getting so many orders I could not complete them all… so I went up on prices to slow people down. LOL!!! Amazingly, many people are still ordering at the higher prices… In the beginning, I was adament that they send me the product as I honestly did not have the $$ to front the price of the product… I think that these sellers are just wanting to show a sell of their product many times… so they can rank higher. But yeah. I need to go back to square one… and let them know that under no circumstances can I buy products anymore. someone just had me buy a product from Alibaba from China. LOL… Unfortunately, I let a lot of clients talk me into things that I really shouldn’t have.

I do NOT want my account suspended… Ugh!

It is hard, just understand that the less honorable a person is (from intent of lack of a clue) the more likely they are to make a mess that includes you.

Good people want to behave well, they want you still standing for next time. Work with these and if needed, block the rest.

It is a big part of business and one i constantly struggle with as like you I like to help the little guy but I am learning that most of them don’t want real help, only to take.


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Why not have your own website and landing page and promote that in social media, so you have clients buying from you, no middle man?

Keep Fiverr as another source of income, not main or only.

Include 20% in the price tag for Fiverr and other sites as per their fees.