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Reject Button / Redeliver has the potential to be a disaster. Anyone else having this issue?


I’m not sure how the full process works so please correct where necessary.

  • After a gig is delivered, the buyer has the option to ask for a “Modification”
  • A modification on the buyers sides appears as the seller “Rejected the order”?
  • Therefore the seller is asked to to a “Modification” and “Redeliver” the order?

    Here’s the thing with this redeliver and modification that I’m experiencing:

    The modification is generally something very simple where the buyer can simply inbox me and I’ll correct or clarify it. When I receive this modification/rejection for modification it now says that the order is “LATE” when I delivered on time, the seller has waited almost the three day waiting period before responding at all then I get that.

    How or why is fiverr now considering this order “LATE” and is it affecting my rating now (potential disaster)? There is no way the order should be considered late as it was delivered “on time”.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Has anyone contacted customer service and what was their response? I just messaged them about this because it has happened three times now.

    Also, we already have to wait the 3-4 days for our funds to begin the release process, now with this redeliver the 3-4 day process starts over again. How does all this make sense.

    Before anyone says “deliver quality…” again, I’m not have a problem with my products I’m delivering, the sellers are basically asking question or clarification on something that they missed.


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks. That part of the set-up / system is ridiculous. I don’t understand why they won’t fix that.


system is ridiculous I totally agree. I have the same issue. I often deliver within twelve hours and I have some buyers waiting to reject and request a modification on the third day and then my order shows up as “Late” as well. Fiverr really needs to fix this glitch


I completely disagree. I always encourage my clients to hit the REQUEST MODIFICATION button. That way the problem just moves to the top of my list. Instead of me remembering 2 days later that they sent me a message. I love it.