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Reject order from the client

Hello all,

I just want to ask if we as sellers can reject an order from a client because we don’t like them? If they’ve already made the order, could we cancel it or we have to get it done?

Thank you.


you can send a mutual cancellation request but that will affect your account .


Yes! you can cancel order on a mutual cancellation request but that may effect your overall impression.

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Hi thank you. What if the client doesn’t accept my request for order cancelation, which would happen?

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it should be cancel automatically after 3 days (not sure, never faced this situation)
go to resolution center and ask the buyer to cancel the order.

thank you for sharing this

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Yes you can. Use mutual cancellation request and ask for the cancel with your reason.

Cancell it mutually. You can see a tab on the order page written"RESULOTION CENTER".

you can cancel it mutually

there’s no need for everyone to say the same thing all over again… there are already 5 identical answers


sent mutual cancellation request and ask for the cancel with your reason.

The clock would keep ticking. If the order is neither cancelled nor delivered by the deadline, it would count as late, and affect your account.

You could send another cancellation request if the client doesn’t accept. You could also contact Customer Support and ask them to cancel the order for you, but these days, they can take 10 days or more to respond.

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The awesome suggestion for us. Thanks


thank you. If the client doesn’t agree to cancel it, we will need to ask for support