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Rejected a buyer?

I’m an illustrator, mainly involved in anime stuff.
Also, I’m pretty new here :laughing:

(first buyer’s illustration, completed, png image without bg)

So this was actually the second person who had contacted me in the 11 days that I’ve been here, asking for (obviously) some illustrations. They wanted just the lineart, for 4 different character illustrations FULL BODY.

At first they offered $10, telling me to make a custom offer for them. I was like - NO WAY! Just $10 for 4 full body illustrations?! Like, what on earth!?

I usually charge $10 PER character, and after some negotiation they went away and I was relieved. After some days, they returned and offered $12. I asked for an increase, and they said then they’d pay $14 for flat coloured, full body 4 illustrations. Also, they mentioned that they’re apparently very ‘flexible with concepts and time, and that isn’t being valued’.

I denied the whole offer politely, asking them to find someone else.

Now, I’m (literally) in love with my first buyer, he’s SO nice and knows how to speak. He offered me way more than I charge, but I brought the price down by $5 for him since he’s my first ever buyer. I’ve been sending him my progress (it’s almost done now) and he’s like - you should charge way more, you know, you’re so good at what you do. Since I’m new, I’m keeping the price low.

I guess some buyers still need to understand the time and effort we spend on making their products. Now everyone is different, and most people are generally nice and understanding.

I wonder if something like this had happened to you, too, at some point? Or was I too arrogant to deny the offer? Please let me know!


It is common for the cheap/scammy buyers to contact new sellers and try to steal their work or get it free. Stand firm on your prices. If they ask for samples, charge for them.

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I’m the kind of buyer who gets in arguments on the forums with sellers who think I should be paying more than $5 for landscape pictures. I’m one of the strict-budget bottom feeders for asks for the Basic tier every time. My arguments start from the stance that there are a lot of sellers, and those sellers can demonstrate valuable at the lowest price point if you dig around and just pay to see what people can do.

And yet I’ve still found the budget to pay roughly $250 for 14 full body sketches, no colour, no background. If that guy’s offering less than even I would, I don’t have a lot of faith in him as a member of the buyer community. I have to vote alongside that other buyer. People are hard to draw well; everyone knows what they look like and can spot flaws. It’s a technical skill that should command a premium. If anime style fit my current projects you’d probably be getting offers from me at a higher rate as well.

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I get it. I like shopping for bargains too. :blush:

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Just going to drop this here, for anyone else who stumbles on this thread.