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Rejected gigs and there are plenyt like it?


I want to post a gig "leaving a review for your ebook or product on Amazon or Yelp."

Last time I even said “Honest review” and did not even mention Amazon or Yelp

It got rejected, however there are plenty of gig saying I will write a book review.

The reason,given “may violate a websites rules” good god, its that what many gigs do… 100 likes, 2000 twitter followers etc.

bachas85 said: I do think that the likes, followers and other stuff should also be taken down because they also violate 3rd party TOS.

I would love to see how many gigs/sellers would be left if they removed *everything* that potentially violates - Fiverr would become an elite boutique agency within minutes! :)


There must be some kind on “Moneymaker’s Guide” info circulating that advises people to come to Fiverr and post simple automated gigs to make a fortune. Just too many new duplicate traffic and PLR gigs to be a coincidence.


Hi biggeorge2k

I just visited your Fiverr “shop” and noticed that there are a few gigs of yours that use the exact same image as a main gig image. That is against TOS as far as I know. Could that be a reason for your issue? I suggest you upload new different images because probably all these gigs will be denied eventually

hope that helped :slight_smile:

all the best


artemist said: "Moneymaker's Guide"

There is no guide, it's just Fiverr spending fat stacks and tons of time promoting the site. There are literally millions of people looking to get rich instantly online, so all it takes is for them to see some of the thousands of articles that are around lately. And, I wouldn't be surprised if Fiverr is 'planting' gigs - their latest 'newsworthy' promo is that they've hit 2 million gigs available. There's your coincidence, mate. :)


Reply to @happyspace: That is an image of me, so honestly , I don’t see how that can violate any terms.