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REJECTED label under Manage Order


I recently responded to an artwork order with a few revisions on the final art. It’s not that anything was wrong or “bad” I just needed a few colors changed. Upon looking at my Order it has a giant red REJECTED label.

I understand that I technically rejected the art in it’s current form, but I believe is should read something more along the lines of Revision Requested . I know artists on here work hard at completing artwork on schedule and to the Buyers standards so I would hate for someone to feel like their art has been rejected. It also surprised me as it has a bit of a feeling as if I had cancelled/rejected the project.

Anyone else feel the same? Is there a way to pass this request along to the Fiverr admin to look into?



I always feel a really distinctive pain in my chest every time I see that message on one of my orders.

Maybe a mod can move this under the “suggestions” category?

It’s great to see that there are considerate buyers out there!


Yeah, it seemed like a pretty harsh thing to open up and see. Especially when we had agreed on 3 Revisions and this was my first ask for a revision.

To any mod who passes by… Please move under “Suggestions” if possible


It’s already moved. :slight_smile:

(Just in case: I’m not a mod)


A lot of Fiverr’s auto messages needed work and they have been changing them over time.
Hopefully this is next on the list!


I know. The messages are so “Angry”:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Or the ambiguous email “We’ve got news about your order” subject line. Not friendly at all…


I can imagine that this leads to misunderstandings and a hostile point of view between sellers and buyers. It’s like that letter that you receive from the IRS and you need a chair before you open it, just to discover that there is actually nothing wrong.


Yes! You see the very scary and official return address saying Internal Revenue Service and the little emblem and think you are about to be told to report to prison.

The REJECTED label feels like a physical blow to the body when you see it.


@sokkerbob39 Can you send me a print screen when exactly do you see the REJECTED label? Because what I see is a In Revision lable.


I see ‘in revision’ on the website on my PC. On the mobile app it says ‘rejected’.


I see it too, but can someone see it in PC as well?


No - can you? (20 chars)