Rejected order with no reason writed?


I had an order on one of my gigs, delivered the gig and now I see the order was rejected and I don’t know why!

On my page it says that I have to redeliver my work and I did so but even after that I have the same message showing on my page. Really I don’t know what’s going on, if I did something wrong I would like to know what so I will not do it again.

If anyone can help please do so, I am really concerned!


Had same problem here, i have 5 rejected order with same problem


Have you thought to send a message to your buyers asking what the issue was with the work you provided? Seems you should go to the horse’s mouth first.

Other than that, Fiverr has had some site issues and perhaps the files you sent never arrived or were empty? You won’t know until you ask the buyer what you did “wrong”, if anything.



I had sending an message to all my buyer, hope it will work. Thank’s for your idea Juli


Same happened to me. Got Modification Request from Buyers and on order page NOTHING showing. BUT ORANGE BAR ON TOP is still visible. I’ve sent message to buyers but no response!

Support has also not given ans proper response on this ISSUE!!!


It’s a bug… we all must write to cs to fix it


Customer Support said they are aware of this issue and working to resolve it. THey suggest meantime ask buyers to send modifications through INBOX.