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Rejected order?


Hi - I’m fairly new and really need some help.

I’ve heard amazing stories about Fiverr and perhaps it is due to all the amazing stories that I feel really fooled by this site… sorry but that is how I feel at the moment.

I placed 3 E-book covers order for my new book. I choose a seller from each of the 3 categories. New - High Rating - Recommended.

To each order I attached a very detailed description of my ideas for my cover, a dummy that I made myself (of course very not-pro) and 5 picture files and 5 files with other material.

First order came back and looked like the dummy that I made myself, just worse actually. Like a child had made it and the seller had really great pictures on her profile, like pro-covers and this looked like something I could have done or my nephew age 5 could.

I asked for a modifications and got 7 new files back, each really really bad. Like incredible bad. I did not know what to do so I just said thank you and were stunned by the fact that I had just paid 5 dollars for something so incredible bad that I could have made it and saved the 5 buck!

Well, beginners bad-luck, this seller was from the “New” category so perhaps that is why.

Next seller was from the Recommended section and he send me an email with in 25 minutes after I had placed my order that I would have my order by the next morning and 5 hours later he wrote this: "I have started your Order Sir. Please wait 24 hours to check up to date counter. Please give me great reviews. Hope we can work together again"

Since then I have heard nothing - despite 3 messages from me to him and now my order says “Rejected” but no money have been returned and reading the FAQ section really do not help me much.

So what to do???

Third order is from the guy within the High Rating section and I’m really putting my trust into him, as I otherwise will have to use a regular real live person to make my cover, as this is just really silly and totally waist of my time. I really do not get it, I know so many people who have gotten amazing work from Fiverr and I’m just shit out of luck (or so it seems)

I’ve also ordred some deep internet research with source link which was to be delivered after 5 days, that is 10 days ago and still nothing - despite various emails.

So I guess my main problem is, what to do? Where do one go when things are not going smooth with orders and I’m all new and can not find help via FAQ?

Anne Lis


Ohh and just now, my order from the guy with the Highest Ratings have been send as a refund.

I guess it’s easy to have high ratings if you accept orders and then reject them after 10 days and not deliver anything?

I so don’t get this site.