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Rejected Photos and Videos - Need Requirements!

Tried looking and seems no one has asked about this.

Am I the only one who gets a little annoyed when I try to upload a photo or video and it gets rejected because I didn’t know the requirements like size, duration, etc beforehand? Many times have I gone to put up a photo and been told that it’s too large or small and needs to be a certain pixel width. I’m also tired of finding out about gig video requirements AFTER waiting a day to find that it was rejected.

Can we Please Please Please have a list of upload requirements ON the page, so that users, particularly sellers can have a checklist handy so that we can upload eligible photos and videos the first time? I know these requirements are available elsewhere but I don’t always have the greatest memory and I think it would help new sellers a LOT to know what upload requirements are before the try to do it - it will be very convenient.

Any thoughts?

Lawrence <3

I don’t use videos, but the photo parameters are listed right on the “edit” page, on the right-hand side. It shows up when you click on the section to upload photos, just as any instructions or suggestions show up for each section as you input or edit information about your gig. I thought I remembered seeing the video information listed, too, but as I say, I don’t use them, so I’m not sure.