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Rejected request..Why?


“I need a good clourful HD explainer video of 30 - 40 secs for one of my gig. I have a document of the write-up that I want. Any good video geek out there?”

The above is my requst yet it gets rejected…Why?

Is it because I am Nigerian?

But I have the money and this is not the first purchase I am doing here.

I am honest!

Why denial of my request?

Any answer?


Maybe resubmit a request minus stating the select above words.


:slight_smile: I assure you it’s not because you are Nigerian! Fiverr loves people of every nation.


I didn’t even know what buyer requests had to be approved first, going by the poorly formatted and poorly worded buyer requests one sees these days. So, despite all this filtering, there are so many spam requests on the buyer requests but your gig doesn’t go through? Maybe they are turning down requests which can be found directly using the search feature to make space for off beat and custom requests.


I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the more stupid and insane the request, the more likely it was to pass the filters, as the filters had been put in place by slightly more clever people who then put it in the hands of robot AI which is… well, I’m sure we all remember what happened with MS’ cute little social media AI last year (or the year before?).


No I don’t remember. I take it that something bad happened to Al?


The AI was meant to develop along with the conversation. Turned into a racist bigot etc within 24hrs and was removed v. quietly.

I found it very amusing. Here’s a report if you want to know more: this is not the best report, but the others use non-U words that might offend 13 year old sellers lurking on Fiverr who we must be mindful of.

(Sorry mods, I’m gonna poke the 13yo policy forever)