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Rejection of request


Hello everyone, today i want to share a very important thing and i also want to take feedback and tips from you people that what to do with that.
Today i posted a request about a task and fiverr decliend it, it’s okay if they declined it but they also sent me a warning that i am promoting myself via buyer request. Am using fiverr since one year and level 2 seller. I never promoted myself. I want to know how to remove this warning and how to post a proper request…


Had thesame experience, don’t know why


The simple and easiest way is to contact Customer support. They will solve your problem soon. :slight_smile:


Maybe do you write your website or mail or something similar?


Yes i did, will they remove my warning?


I asked to grow my instagram. I seen many request who were promoting thereselves straightly but there request gets approved i don’t know how


This is against TOS (any mail,phone , fb , instagram , etc ) so you´ve the reason why they warning you not to spam.