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Rejoining the Fiverr

Hello there, hope everyone is enjoying a good health. I rejoined Fiverr after 4 years. Prior to this, I had worked and got almost all five stars in 13 orders. Now, I am unable to impress the buyers with the same gigs. Expert advice needed.

Thanking in anticipation,
Abid Mehmood


Try to stay up to date. You could have had your success a few years ago, but believe me: things change fast. That is, look for current references to keep your GIGs increasingly fresh and with potential for sale. Review your GIG image, is it captivating? Can it be improved? Pay that same attention to titles and even your GIGs themselves. Is this a relevant product? Are you advertising it correctly? Try to check the ‘Buyer Requests’ section, if you are having trouble finding an order, it will show up at one time or another. Also, I recommend that you stroll through the forum and Fiverr tips, there is a lot of good quality content that can help you. Success!


You are right Alex, I need to revisit my gigs. There might be some flaws that need to be addressed seriously. Thank you

welcome to again joining fiverr…

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Thank you Saifur for your concern

Welcome back to fiverr community.
Try to update your gigs.

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Keep patience Brother. You will get what you want.

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Welcome back to the community.