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I need a favor
can you guys help me
My friend used my laptop to place an order
she is also a seller
but now she wants to deactivate her account but she is left with 5$ only and 20$ is minimum to requirement to withdraw so how will she deactivate it?
and Because she used my laptop to place an order, will this effect my account any how?
Do I violate any fiver ToS?
by using same IP for my friend’s account
Please help me in this
**Thank you **


Multiple accounts in same device can cause suspension …I think you should contact CS


No she logged out from my laptop now


Why she ordered from your laptop? And did she ordered from you?


CS as in fiverr help center?


She left her laptop home
so she logged in to my laptop to ask couple of things
But I realized later its against Fiver ToS
That’s why am too scared


Yes…Customer Support


She can deactivate it and lose the $5 probably and she should do this immediately. I don’t know if it will affect your account but you will probably know soon.

Hopefully she does not have the same payment setup you do. Hopefully she did not purchase from you.


No she didn’t used my payment setup,
To deactivate Its is compulsory to withdraw your money
Thats why she is not able to deactivate