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Hello dear friends…some days ago i got a non-serious buyer and he gave me negative reviews, even i did good work according to his requirements…now I am not getting orders from buyers…please tell me that what should i do to regain my trust.

What happened, last time?
Why negative review?

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no one can help on that. Buyer have own rights to give any rating as per TOS until that ratings do not violate TOS.

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he asked to edit videos and i do it as requirements but he gave negative reviews and didn’t reply any message after giving reviews.

how we can compare TOS with our project???..because there were 100 videos and i gave that videos through google drive to buyer…

You may be able to ask customer service about it, but most of the time they ask you to work it out amongst yourselves. If you have a lot of proof that he was being unfair and rating you low for no reason you might be able to send them screenshots and things


Mam! there were 100 videos then how can i send them proof???

Depending what type of work it was you could send screenshots of the conversation with the buyer and an example video to CS to see if they can help (essentially proving you did the work requested). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sadly it’s the buyers prerogative regarding what they rate you regardless of standard of work done. It’s not fair, but like fast_editing said, unless the ratings violate TOS, then they can do what they want really. I hope you get it sorted out. Try CS first though - they might be able to suggest something else.

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Thanks mam! really helpful.

No worries at all! I hope yo get it sorted, especially if you did good work and on 100 videos too. That’s a lot of work!

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Good Suggestion indeed, but I am not much sure about the resolution. If the buyer is not responding, he will not respond and there’s nothing that this seller can do! I guess the best idea would be to move on and concentrate on next orders.

#One bad review is not End of the World!

One thing that I would suggest though, is to Improve the English! This would surely help in getting more orders.

:bulb: All the best!


Totally! Sadly the buyers can do what they like once they get the work! I agree with you one bad review is not the end of the world. :slight_smile: It sucks indeed but it can be worked around! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
Love it when someone agrees with me!
#Hard Earned!


Moving on boss…but I am not getting order…it’s 2 or more weeks but still no order…any way thanks both of you for kind words

Hit the Buyer Requests page for now :slight_smile: All the best!
Things will eventually be better. Work on your English…

:bulb: Shukriya