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Relationship with repeat buyers

Is it ok to check in with repeat buyers and how often do you check in?

I don’t really know. It’s good to try to greet them, but not in a way you’d want money from them.

With repeat buyers I like to contact them asking how everything is going and saying something like, “Haven’t heard from you in a while and I hope you haven’t given up on your goals! How is everything going? Still crushing it?”

Friendly, but leaves room for a pitch later :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t contact repeat buyers unless I have a solid reason to do so. If they indicated they planned to buy more but just haven’t ordered in a few weeks, I might touch base to see if they have any needs. If they were long term repeat buyers I might also check in once and just ask how things are going if it been longer than usual since they made a purchase and gave me a 5 star review.

Otherwise, I typically don’t contact them and especially if it’s been months since I talked with them. I’ve seen a few sellers temporarily lose messaging abilities when a previous buyer marked them as a spammer. It probably depends mainly on how strong the relationship is, if the buyer gave consistent ratings, and how much time has passed.


If they are already repeat buyers why do you need to check in with them? They are always coming back to you, right?

Messaging a previous buyer in an attempt to generate another sale, or for any reason, can be considered spam.

I don’t fault anyone who doesn’t like to contact their buyers, but for a seller like me whose 80%+ sales come from repeat buyers most of which we refer to eachother by our first names.

In fact, I dedicate a day in two weeks or more to interact with all my “friends” we discuss business, cultures and sales, we end up smiling and doing more sales.

My fiverr is my company and I’m my own customer service rep.

They know why you are contacting them and it is to try to get them to buy from you=spam.

I don’t. You don’t want to be a pest. If they need you, they’ll order. If they don’t, they won’t. You’re not a telemarketer or a stock broker, so think before you message.

When the terms of service say no spamming allowed this is exactly what it means.

@fastcopywriter, you always seem so sarcastic in a fun way. When I went to school and trained in the Counselling field I was told follow up was good to touch base on the progress of your clients, when I came on Fiverr I might send a message or two to clients if I know that the project is an on going one, so now that I know first hand that the TOS says certain things I leave my follow up method offline!

In my opinion, spamming repeat buyers is the best way to loose them.

Repeating buyers will be a good way to introduce our new services by giving some offers for them. So, you can get some good reviews as you got earlier by offering quality services for them. Then you can increase your rankings and you also can drive your service to a higher place in that category. :slight_smile: But never please to order it or never force to order it. It’ll harm to your reputation as well. :slight_smile:

Cheers! :)>-

I usually don’t as I believe they will come back when they will have something for me. Of course they are not waiting for my message as reminder that they have to get something done.

But I do greet them very nicely when they come back with more projects and after its completion I say “Let me know if you need anything else. I am here to help”. That’s it :slight_smile:

For me, it really depends on the buyer and my relationship with them. I have three repeat buyers who have made up over half of my sales. Those three I am on a first name basis and we regard each other as friendly associates. I have no problem checking in on them for leads after about a week or so, and they tend to prefer that because it lets them know that I’m ready for whatever they have for me at the time. One of those clients orders large instalments of an ongoing project at a time, so he likes me to have a relatively clear queue before ordering and he relies on me to tell him when the scheduling is best. One is on another continent, so it is easier for her to know when I am reachable if I message her first. The other is a project manager, so whether or not she has work for me depends on whether or not she is working herself, so we maintain a pretty open line of communication between projects. I also offer various other services that I do not have active gigs for and which they are interested in, so messaging them lets me know when to launch the new gig.

I also have a long-term repeat buyer who is wonderful and always has new work for me, but we just don’t have that kind of rapport. I would never think of messaging him for a lead unless he asked me to.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Agree, it’s all about the relationship as the title says :slight_smile:

Reply to @sincere18: they’re repeat buyers because they come back, but when it’s getting longer than the last?

I’m my own customer service rep X( X( X(

Reply to @misscrystal: Yes, from another angle.
But in a case where a buyer left a review saying “Great job, I’m buying another immediately!” but it’s been 24hrs, but ofcourse I replied “I’ll be expecting” so what do I do?

Hello dear client, it’s been a…
Has always worked for me.

Reply to @thusie: I totally agree with this…I will definitely use this approach. Thanks @thusie

Reply to @imagiwildinc: That’s the way I’m thinking too…after sale service is always paramount in any business, I’m not just on Fiverr to make money I also want to forge meaningful associations. This is a big small world if you understand @sincere18.