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Release of payment after 14 days

I got 3 orders. I delivered 3 orders. Clients released funds. So it is showing that 1 order will be cleared on May 1, and other 2 will be 5th May and 6th May. On May 1, can I withdraw money from a local bank? I set up a Bank transfer when I created this account.


When the funds are available to withdraw, Yes you can withdraw to your local bank.


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Yes it’s take time with 14days according to seller level in top seller it take 7days and you can withdraw the fund in yiur bank account by connect PayPal or payoneer.



As a seller we can withdrawn our each sell amount 14 day later, after mark as compleat by the buyer.

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Thanks for your reply. How can I check that my attached bank details is correct or proper embedded.

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