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Relevance or newest arrival on which search category result make me more confident when I placed in the first page based on filtering?

My new gig placed on the 1st page when filtering in the search category by the newest arrival. But when changed the search category by relevance which is the default by Fiverr, it is shown on the 2nd page. Is it best to place on the first page when search by relevance than search by newest arrival? Can you please tell me which is best to stay on the first page while searching by two different search categories?

Thank You.


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grow your gig like promote and try some sell :+1:

There is no way for you to stay on first, second or any page since Fiverr is based on rotation. If you are now on first page use that to get more returning clients.

And most likely you are not on same page to sellers searching from different areas.

If you ask someone from another continent to search your GIG you could be on 3, 4 or 1 page.

It rotates mostly.


I think relevance is more important than newest arrival. Unless a buyer is looking to have work done extremely cheap and is looking for new sellers with rock bottom prices.

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