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"Relevant Reviews" - Half Question/Half Rant

Does anyone have any insight into how Fiverr decides what your most relevant reviews are?

Last week, I had a very unpleasant buyer leave a one-star review because I wouldn’t cancel our order and let her have the content she had already posted to her website for free. I have since had at least four other buyers leave positive reviews on that same gig, but her review is lingering at the top of the default review view, Relevant Reviews.

Why would that review be tagged as the most relevant, even tho I have both longer and more recent reviews from other buyers?

Possibly based on date (so if it’s long enough ago it will go down in the list), length of the review in characters (more chars being more relevant), and maybe the “helpful” votes.

I checked one gig and in that gig I couldn’t see a review on that gig that was both more recent and more lines of text in the review than the lower rated review. Though that review will go down in the list in time.