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Relevant to Fiverr account and cable internet connection

Hello dear Forum Members,
I am FJ_suha_1811, use a seller account (DIGITAL MARKETING) on fiverr.
I just want to know, an another account (GRAPHIC DESIGN), which is used by my brother.
Now, we are going to use cable internet connection.
Is there any problem to use like that with this two account.
Please advice me with your experience.

You should send a ticket to CS about this.
My sister and my account are on one IP address, we contact CS and they say you can use 2 different account on the same IP but the service you offer should be different.


Thanks for Sharing @zaiba202

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Dear @zaiba202,
Thanks to you for this.


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what does CS stands for?


Yes you can use two different account it same IP,
The services must be different,
You can’t buy or sell each others
You can’t use same withdrawal method for both account
You must use two different Phone to install the Application but obviously both have different machine means laptop or computer,

That’s it,

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CS- Customer Support

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Thanks to you bro