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Religious agenda by a seller and still no product


When “fragglesrock” asked me to communicate by gmail and not on Fiverr was the first indication something was going to wrong. While communicating on gmail his prices doubled and then came his personal restrictions on what he’ll do with an education song. This came out of nowhere while insinuating I was a bad person for not wanting to bleep out the word twerking because he feels it is a perverse word. This was my perception as a customer. I almost ranted on this seller.

My first experience with “fragglesrock” has left me with no product and feeling like I’m a bad person for not wanting to hear his philosophy on being a good person. I wanted a video to supplement a rap about education and making career choices. He wanted me to bleep out the word “Twerking” (if I bleeped it out it would have made it seem like the word was much worse). Plus he didn’t even listen to the song and context in which it was being taught.

After 7 paragraphs on gmail (major mistake on my part by agreeing to communicate on that medium and not on Fiverr) I still didn’t have a project started, wasted about 55 minutes debating and explaining my use of the word “twerking” while describing 3G, 4G, LTE and smartphone technology that pushes the medium. Having a business tell me to go elsewhere if I don’t like the way he’s doing business was disheartening & childish.

I went elsewhere but the emails continued from him (harassment). He then went on to tell me his theology on being a good person and he could’ve taken my project to the next level and made me a good person too. I think “fragglesrock” has very good intentions but ambiguously pushing his personal beliefs and religious theology on a customer and then refusing service is an atrocity. I did not have a good experience with this seller (all I wanted was a bear dancing and pretending to rap in a video).

Still no product!!

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I think you should request a cancellation if the seller isn’t giving you what you want.

You shouldn’t have to explain anything.

Ironically, I haven’t had a single bad Christian customer, they’ve all been really good to me. He’s not doing his religion a favor by treating you this way.

However, if he offered a cancellation, I hope you took it. Trade on Fiverr is by choice, not force or guilt. If Ayn Rand was alive, she would probably love Fiverr, because this website embodies everything she believed.


Well, unfortunately, there’s not much that can or really should be done since you went off-Fiverr with the gig. I hope the rant got it off your chest and you learned a lesson. Good luck in the future!


I had one of these. Wouldn’t do a t-shirt design for my friend’s Irish band because, gasp, they sang songs about drinking.

I got so mad I canceled (even thought I kinda wanted to hold his feet under the Fiverr Fire of No Cancellation, but as a seller I couldn’t). The irony? They’re all devout Christians in the band, church every week. shakes head


Reply to @crcanny: At least they didn’t do the work and then refuse modifications because ‘their god said they didn’t have to’! Sheesh.