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Relying on communication

I am new here and happy to be here on Fiverr, I write articles and proofread same; I am engaging knowledge coming here, this is what I think.

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You proofread and write for money on Fiverr, but this post and your gig pages are full of errors. That’s very unethical and sketchy.

Don’t you think you should be proficient in English if you’re going to sell English writing and proofreading?

Don’t you think if people pay for writing and proofreading, it should be written correctly and professionally?


Thanks for this insight, it supports improvement.

Thank you so much. I also learnt from your tips.



Your logic, career blasting truth bombs are going down really well today!

Thank you for your insights!

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Hi @otjulius , Welcome to the community!
I wish you all the best on your journey ahead :slight_smile:

welcome to fiverr family:heart_eyes:

Thanks! Haha.

The proof is in the pudding, isn’t it?