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Remain online 24 hours is almost impossible for human

Continuing the discussion from Need Orders Help me:

some people suggest to remain online 24 hours every day, its almost impossible for human


It’s not only impossible, it has no sense - buyers don’t buy services just because someone is always online, buyers choose someone who offers quality, who is reliable.

I think it’s time to read a book with the worst tips for Fiverr sellers, but people will give such tips anyway…


It’s a common myth promoted by a lot of people. Honestly, I have never been awake the whole night just to get an order. I have to rest, right? I just work till the time I am genuinely awake and I still manage get good orders.
At one time, a buyer sent a message at night, I replied in the morning and still got the order. If a buyer really likes your gig, he/she will wait till you reply.


Some people parrot whatever rubbish they find on the Internet because somebody told them that posting on the forum will bring them sales (which is also nonsense).

And then someone finds it necessary to start yet another topic on the same subject, because apparently all the existing ones are not enough.