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Remaining polite to a sad buyer

So today I got a client who needed a custom built website. He explained about all functions of the website and most of the functions will be custom built. I was happy to see that I’m about to get such an order but when the client saw my quote he seemed very shocked.
I just wanted to rant


Happens many times, things occur in different ways

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I feel you. I used to write longer explanations but stopped and am as brief as possible now with such "WHAT"s, especially since they shouldn’t be surprised if they’d actually looked at my gigs, they are pretty straightforward, and I only quote more than the gigs indicate in rare cases (if the requirements, like exotic file types or things the gig doesn’t include or offer at all, like research, writing, etc., would take me more time).
Some people do understand if you explain some things but people who go “WHAT”, don’t want to understand or don’t want to pay for quality, more time needed, etc., either way, so it makes no difference.


“who in kenya earn xxx in 9 days??? (sic) Me, in xxxx, i don’t earn like this! (sic)”

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Esther, I will only say you were lucky not being hired. This buyer would have been a pain you know where… That quoted sentence sums it up :wink:


@amilaudara Will you mind editing your post to remove the guess Country name


I get those reactions sometimes, too. I have a very polite quick response saved for them. Getting these reactions is a bit funny, because my quotes are the same as what it shows on my gigs. I guess some people really don’t read, or they hope that what they read isn’t true. Anyways, it’s not my responsibility to change their minds, but I do wish them well.


Don’t just rant. Report him to Customer Support for that remark about your country. It’s unacceptable.


I have just reported him and ignored his annoying messages. Thanks for the advice


That’s a very funny message you got, thank you for the laugh. You handled it well.

People can be envious.