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Remember my "Gig got denied case"? WELL...... It's happening again, this time with ToS warning!

Hello guys! Not sure if you followed my last thread (Gig got denied/deleted for no reason), but my gig got denied around 2 weeks ago. It apparently violated the TOS and the deny reason was - Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam
The funny story was that I was the original creator of the artwork - from scratch.

For those who didn’t follow the thread, I basically had a super absurd experience with the support. I contacted them again and again, proving every single time that I was the original creator of everything. I asked them why was my gig denied. It was a tough time, but after around 20 messages to the support, they acknowledged me as the original creator and got my gig back.

I still wanted to know the reason. I wanted to avoid further problems like this by knowing the reason, but they refused to explain anything to me and rejected me everytime I asked.


I cannot literally believe this. At least I know that it’s all automated now, as twice in a roll, the gig was denied immediately, but oh my god. What a pain! Now all my progress on the “Days without a warning” is gone and my account is flagged. Without being at fault!!! I hope that they can fix this. All of this is so absurd!


I mean, “karma”?

Just joking. It’s not a nice situation and hopefully fiverr support will resolve it faster this time, just attach a screenshot where they said previously that they will reinstate your gig.

However now you see that it’s not nice to be dealing with this issues and be flagged wrongfully. That is following your other thread where you were insisting to report another seller for having reviews from the same person which can also be just a repeat client.


I did not report him. I was just being suspicious :upside_down_face: Hope they’ll deal with this, yes… I expect the worst ofc!

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What part did you edit this time?

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I reattached the image. I hand drew a caption saying - BEST GRIME ART and it got automatically denied, my account got flagged, I got the ToS warning and now my “Days without warning” progress is to 0 as well. I removed the word “best” from the caption as well.

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Could it be anything to do with the words in the title or description (like could a shorter title like “I will create great grime art” be less likely to be flagged?).

Also could it be anything to do with having “perfect for … and Linkdin” in the gig description (though it’s in your other gig). eg. could LinkdIn be the 3rd party? Is a slime melting face perfect for LinkedIn (they say in the photo guidelines and conditions “Your photo can be removed by LinkedIn if your profile image doesn’t include your likeness or a headshot photo”).

Though if possible you could ask CS for the actual reason.

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That’s an interesting point of view, but I doubt that this is the case, as they recovered it last time without pointing that out, after a more thorough investigation. As for me asking CS for the actual reason, I tried this around 10 times and they just danced around it and the end result was them basically saying that they cannot give further information.


I mean, in a global marketplace like Fiverr, you’re always going to find a wide variety of people from varying backgrounds and attitudes. But I feel like your statement is just a little too far-fetched, and I would argue that there are MANY friendly and helpful people on the forum.

Some forum users even go so far as to pre-warn other users (by explaining them the rules/ToS) so that they do not end up doing something that’s against the ToS that would harm their account. This would only happen if these people cared for the other forum users and the safety of their account.

Are you sure you’re not exaggerating? I visit the forum often, and I can’t really think of anyone on the forum (at least someone who visits the forum on a regular basis) who does that. I feel like what you’re saying might only be true if the person is a relatively new forum user who has only created a handful of forum posts so far. :thinking:

I have no idea why you tagged me in your previous post. :thinking: You can’t be seriously thinking I had something to do with one of your forum posts getting flagged/hidden, right? Just because I was drafting a message on this thread just as your post got flagged, it doesn’t necessarily mean I was the one reporting your posts.

I think I’d already told you this once before, but I will say it again: it takes several people reporting a particular forum post for it to be flagged/hidden. I am flattered that you think I wield a lot of power on the forum (that I can magically make someone else’s forum post hidden), but, unfortunately, I do not. :slight_smile:

P.S: I noticed that your forum posts got hidden even as I was drafting this message. Your forum post got flagged by the other community members so quickly that I didn’t even have the time to report your message. I have no reason to lie.


At this point, I honestly think it’s a bug (and not the community that’s flagging your posts).


Lol , It’s all good.

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Not sure on what’s happening here. Be well, guys and please don’t fight! :pray:
As for the thread, If anyone can add up to my case, I’d really appreciate it! I’ll keep the thread posted with what I get from Fiverr CS. I hope that this time they deal with it faster and I really hope that they do remove the unnecessary and automated ToS warning.

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I don’t think anyone was fighting. I didn’t know sharing one another’s opinions could be misconstrued as “fighting.” :wink:

Unfortunately, you will have to go through the entire process (to and fro with CS) all over again. I wish I had more to add to your case… but… :man_shrugging:

I hope you get your gig reinstated and your ToS warning quashed. Here’s to wishing you the best in your endeavors!


When this happened, did you upload the same image you were using previously to promote your gigs? (Just with a few edits.)

I have no evidence either way. However, I suspect that Fiverr compares every image uploaded to Fiverr against every other image which has ever been uploaded, but does not keep a record of who uploaded what and when.

If this is the case, uploading an image you have already uploaded could trigger an automatic strike.

Of course, several sellers have been reporting this issue for several months now, In this case, don’t hold your breath when it comes to having this confirmed or not.


That green face image is very similar to one or two others already on fiverr. One has a black hoodie on. I understand with that kind of art that is bound to happen since all the faces have similar or the same features, such as being green, with white eyes and red lips. That doesn’t mean yours is a copy. It could just be due to the type of art it is.


I wouldn’t say that it has any real similar images on Fiverr. I checked most of them. Nothing comes close enough to be mistaken for 3rd party infringement. Nothing is really similar except the base style for it. It’s like saying that all pixel art is a same, because it has pixels.

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Yes, I re-uploaded the same image with a little edit, but I do this a lot with my other gigs without any problem. Second time I edited this gig, second time gig got denied. Last time they acknowledged me as the original creator after constant messaging from me. I hope that they do it this time as well and I really hope that they can unflag me, reinstate my gig and restore my “Days without a warning” progress.

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I am absolutely afraid to make changes to my gig now! Every time I do something strange happens. I have heard, but not verified that it will also knock you out of the loop on the search. Well it’s all a learning experience and so sorry! You must have felt so panicked!!!


Don’t live in fear of what might happen. If your gig needs to be updated, update it. If you live in fear of possibilities, you’ll never grow and become a better seller.


That’s what I was going for, until I got the ToS warning and my gig removed. Now I have to wait for 30 days to pass + the level evaluation date. This experience literally will cost me 2 months. I wouldn’t mind being punished if I broke the rules, but it can happen without a reason apparently. Hope that the Support can remove the flag and get my progress back for their wrong flag.

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I have modified my gigs several times. Nothing happened to me. I could see them on the same page as they were before!

I should consider myself lucky?! :thinking::thinking:

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