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Remember new sellers

when buyers contact you they usually ask for free sample work .please remember that always put you logo or water mark on the work done …


Actually, NEVER give your work away for free. If a buyer is not willing to pay for the work that you create for them, then you should not be working for them. Giving your work away for free it like inviting nefarious buyers to take advantage of you. Your work has value – get paid for it.


You’re on Fiverr, not Freever, the only samples you should share are those you’ve done for other clients, or portfolio samples.

So if you did a widget for whoever, share that widget, but don’t create a new one for someone that hasn’t paid you.


I agree. Never, ever, give out samples. I had a golden rule of never giving out samples. Orders were very slow and I decided to give out samples sourced from my own blog. A week later, no one asking for samples had ordered from my gig. However, one article from my blog was being used illegally on 2 different websites and one external freelance portfolio.

Invite buyers to order a piece of sample content. Never give away work freely.


I need advice from you. Im a new seller, before i start i already told the FIRST customer my drawing is childish / Cute type and i do ask for the buyer preferences of the drawing . she said she dont have any preferences and she want childish as for children style but after I draw out and send to her, she want change as my drawings chracter is not what she want, she want thinner size… then i draw again, she said she want more serious / fierce character then ask me to change to darker color as she want to put in white shirt…(means she want to change color) then i draw fierce look / darker color, then she said she want it more cute and send me a sample of happy looking chracter, and she want bright color as for children wear.

Im quite confuse but i do explain to her my idea … and she is my first buyer. im not dare reject this buyer demand. now i already need to modified my drawing for more than 2 times…

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Your gig states that you only offer 1-2 revisions (depending on the chosen package). Don’t be afraid to politely remind the buyer of this fact. If you only offer 1-2 revisions – and your gig does clearly state this, you do not have to keep providing new work for this buyer. You only need to provide what they paid for. If they aren’t willing to pay for additional revisions, then you shouldn’t be agreeing to re-draw the work.

It sounds like your buyer might be taking advantage of your kindness. Don’t let her do that. From your description above, you have already, clearly, delivered what she ordered. She is not entitled to anything more than that.

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Thank you Jonbass. thanks for your advises. Yes sometimes we as a newbie once saw a new order, we are excited and trying our best to fullfill what customer want even know their over demand because we worry about our first rating and comment. And Im do act wrongly as i send them file without watermarks. after that they said not their style and twist around to another type of designs. I hope I learn this lesson and hopefully all newbie also be careful from fall into this trap.


For initial orders can we give extra service for free, will it make a good impression on buyer to contact me for service.

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Do not give your work away for free. Watermark won’t stop them from plagiarising your work