Remember These Three A's for becoming a Successful Fiverr Seller (and Surgeon)!


After an initially frustrating experience as a Buyer here today (shout-out to @digitalcuky for seeing my post and hooking me up! Love the work I purchased from you :slight_smile: ), I’ve found myself thinking back to a phrase we often talk about in Surgery, called “the Three A’s” of a successful surgeon.

To be successful, the saying goes, you must be all THREE of the following: Available, Affable, and Able (there’s your three A’s)!

Obviously, this makes total sense.

And not just for surgery, but for any kind of skills-based field that also requires Customer Service, in my opinion! It’s not enough these days to be a technically skilled, capable individual (i.e. “Able”) in isolation if you’re not also friendly (“Affable”) and responsive (“Available”).

So guys, I cannot say this enough:

  • Keep those cell phones with you, and turned ON, so you can respond to messages right away. Seriously. The quicker the better.
  • Be polite and friendly, above all else. And if someone’s a jerk - actually, ESPECIALLY when someone’s a jerk - remind yourself all that much more to be polite
  • Do these two above things, and you’ll get plenty of orders here, letting you demonstrate #3: how incredibly capable YOU are at what you do!!

    ::Climbing off soapbox now :slight_smile: ::


Nice tips xx


Reply to @toxictaz: thanks for the kind words - your Gigs look awesome!


Reply to @mystifique: thanks, Jenny :slight_smile:


Thanks for the valuable post. I totally agree with the second point regarding being polite especially when you come across someone who is being a jerk.


Thank you very much for the great post I’m flattered. If you need any future help I’ll take special care for your orders and do them as soon as possible.


Reply to @digitalcuky: thanks, Rose! I’ll definitely be back.