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Reminder - Deliver Now! (12 hours before its due) is unnecessary & annoying

Just a tiny rant here… but the new “reminders” are absolutely unnecessary! I already have to turn my phone setting to JUST vibrate, because of the notifications riding my nerves… but now, I’m getting EXTRA NEW notifications – racing over to my phone to ensure I respond expeditiously to avoid a low response rate – and all they are are reminders - about orders that are due in 12 hours… :expressionless::no_mouth:

"Deliver Now"… No, they’ll be delivered, when they are due.

Ummm… I am a responsible, PROFESSIONAL freelancer and individual. As such, I am fully aware of when my orders are due, and am completing them accordingly. :eyes:Reminder


I’ve never got this message

Really? Must be beta testing or something…

It depends on what a person you are. For those who forget easily (like me), it’s helpful instead of annoying! :slight_smile:

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It’s true, no testing. I have received it too! :slight_smile:

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But the case is different when you have to many order in queue imo. I mean it’s annoying when you receive the notification and expect it is your client contacting you, but all you find is a bunch of those reminders :frowning:.


When you have more orders, it’s more possible to forget for some! :wink:

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I just find it kind of “elementary school”… like I am not responsible enough to deal with my own business.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: agree with that!!

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It would be nice if there was an option to get rid of it.
I remember someone complaining of having a hard time keeping track of their orders ( personally I think it seems a bit unprofessional) , so I’m sure a good number of people will appreciate this.

It can be annoying for people who don’t need it, but the good news is it takes away only 2 seconds of your time. Look at it, go “meh” and move on. :slight_smile:


I got it today for the first time and it was totally unwanted. Might be a new feature from Fiverr.

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You should maybe think about looking for a responsible and professional freelancing platform. :slight_smile:

I turned all notifications off for Fiverr ages ago. Set a filter for Fiverr in your email which directs all notifications as spam. Then try and live without the app and only use the Fiverr website when you are physically at your computer working. It changes your life.


I got it too, on a 1-day order. As long as they don’t send me a “Your order is due in less than 29 days and 12 hours, deliver now” for my 30-day orders, I’m fine. :wink:
I’d be equally fine if not more without those new notifications, though.

Completely agree with turning off not just Fiverr notifications, though, at least sometimes, or - gasp - leave the house without your phone every once in a while, changes your life indeed.


I might need to adjust a few things also, so I spare myself the annoyance lol

This is completely unnecessary feature so fiverr must be disable it …

I don’t like it but I can disable notifications myself. Some people seem to like the notices. Saying that Fiverr MUST disable something that you don’t like seems overboard.


Agreed. :sunglasses: I’ll have to disable it - I wasn’t aware that I could disable specific notifications… I like being notified of a new order, or other incoming inquiries.

This particular notification (for me) however, is a bit of a nuisance/annoyance. :eyes:

Oh i think they have disable this feature because today i did not get any notification of this,

It is extremely annoying because in my case it was wrong - there is a bug in Fiverr which Fiverr has acknowledged but has not fixed

I think it is have fix because today i have not got such notification,