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REMINDER: Level Systems Update is January 15th


That’s my no1 mindset. Only God’s grace keeps me going. That’s why i must pray anytime i am up from the bed and also free at work. It God’s grace, when i created my account, i never had the hope of getting a buyer the next day, but through God’s grace, the buyer came and has been my repeat client who has purchased more than 12 orders from me.
I know you too must have the same right?

What! Are you on a journey. Never meant that.I mean escape strategies like thinking ahead.
Most of the people who complain here would say they canceled an order few hours to the evaluation day, or they failed to use the “extend delivery time” tool. If they had thought ahead, it wouldn’t have been like that. They had to days to choose to cancel, they could have just waited a little more.

I had this order which i was thinking of canceling on a mutual agreement, but since i know it would affect my rate and then get me demoted, i decided to shift my cancellation decision to a day after the evaluation. This is an escape strategy. I mean thinking ahead.

Nevertheless, i would not dispute your thoughts in this, humans are different.


That wouldn’t make any difference - the cancellation would simply be reflected in the next evaluation period.

We can plan for stuff that we do, stick to the delivery times, answer all messages etc - the obvious things, but we can’t plan for the actions of others, in our case, our buyers.


There is a 30 days availability to fix it over. If not fully, but to a rate that we will not be affected by the next evaluation.


But why are you rubbing salt in their wounds? It’s great that you got your :poop: in gear, but chastising others is not the right way to go about things. Why is Tom, Dick & Harry so worried about what other sellers are doing or should’ve done?


Why would I?
I am only outpouring my own view of the situation. If i was demoted, i would not account any blame on Fiverr cos i had months to make my analytics straight.

Despite that they were demoted, some people still never saw it as a fault from Fiverr, they saw it as their fault and as so their burden to bear.

Only sighting a personal sample, not promoting my Fiverr status.


The SAME thing applies to those sellers. They are expressing themselves, too. Regardless of how you feel, that’s what the forum is for it’s not going to be :rainbow:, :butterfly: and :unicorn:.

I’ve seen a few people here admitted their faults as to why they’ve been demoted.

Sara spoke up about this and admitted that she mistimed orders.

It is not YOUR burden to bear. Yes! We all had the notice in advance the changes were coming and whatnot. However, allow these sellers to get this stuff off their chest. I’m sure they don’t need you or anybody else on the forum preaching up a storm this is not church. :church:

Now step down from your pulpit.


Just like eoinfinnegan,
entering read-only mode


Finally - I set a good example for people to follow :smiley:

Even when we think we are right, it is not always the best idea to say what we are thinking.
Not everyone is looking for their issue to be analyzed, explained or argued about.

Many great people I know are extremely professional in their work, who have no negative reviews and have been consistently great for a long time got demoted. Others like me got by the assessment by a couple of percent. I know I don’t get many orders from difficult buyers and have not had someone order and want to cancel immediately for no reason - if I had just 2 of those in the past 60 days then I would have been demoted.


You are a class act. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. :wink:


That’s it, @nikavoice wasn’t wrong calling you a class act. You summarized the whole discussion in just 2 sentences.


Well yes, but that was after spending a lot of time yesterday doing exactly what you have been doing before realizing that it wasn’t having the positive effect I was aiming for. :slight_smile:


Wow! That was a whole lot of time taking realization. Mine was not all that long. You, @offlinehelpers and @nikavoice made it really quick.


Yeah, you had the wise ladies putting you right so it was quicker - I was relying on myself and so it took considerably longer :smiley:


Wait! You mean @offlinehelpers is a lady? Never knew that.


Just checked her name, Lorna. Heard that before, but in an American series The Gifted. Do you know that series?


I think i have been saved of the discussion for a little period, Just got an order!


This is So bad. I was unfairly demoted .

I was a TRS and most senior designer in vector tracing subject for 5 years. I’m the starter in this concept ( even fiverr website has no concept like this when I start this gig )

I have more than 14k reviews

few days ago I got more than 80 orders ( new / active / modification ) canceled by the fiverr system. and when I contact support they said. it was a problem from their side. and they told me that they will assist me if I got any bad impact due to their mistake.

now I have all my stats in green. and my order cancellation rate is 81% just because this system trouble

now fiverr customer support is refusing my request. and this is really unfair. this was not a normal demotion. I have done everything from my side. they made the mistake and now they says they cannot fix it. and I’m level down for doing nothing

does anyone has same experience ? I trusted fiverr for 5 years. now I’m hopeless :frowning: I was a TRS and now I’m level 1. and system says I need to achieve more than 90% order complete rate to be a level 2 or stay in level 1. it’s really funny. I think who assigned my request is not a one who sold a single gig on fiverr. this is so bad. hope fiverr support will further review and will fix their issue. since these orders canceled by their side by mistake .


Really it is unfair for you. So sad. Fiverr is Fiverr. Maybe they don’t fixed your problem because the site already popular.


They demoted you all the way to level 1? How is that possible? I was TRS and was demoted to level 2.

I also see you have 26 in your queue. Don’t know why you has 80 orders cancelled by Fiverr, when I was demoted, nothing was cancelled.


@alexdon I’m sorry why it happened to you.
I hope I do not have your luck.
I have more than 14k reviews - 20k completed orders, and 224 without information in more than 3 years.