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Reminder meaning?


Recently, I got a query from a buyer about my charging price of 1-2 articles per week. To reply to his message, being modest, I wanted to write that money is not the concern for me, I will work under your budget. But the moment I typed money, I got the reminder, which is, “Reminder: Never accept or ask for direct payments. Doing so may get your account restricted”. What does it mean? I was not about to violate any policy. Why I got this reminder?


In short, the filtering system is quite dumb. It prevents you from saying words that could be associated with trading away from fiverr; for example, money, pay, payment, email, skype, etc.

However, you’ll obviously need to talk about money when discussing orders, so you can either say “cash” or “p ayment/p ay” with a space deliberately included.


Got that figured out. But thanks anyways :slight_smile:


I’ve had that pop up a few times but I just send it on out anyway. The reminder lets you know that it will be flagged, but I’m ok with that because they could look at the content to see what I meant anyway. I’ve have nothing to hide as I never violate TOS (at least not knowingly!!!)


Clicking on the “Send Custom Offer” box facilitates quoting fees without triggering any reminders.

Avoiding the triggers in the first place is a better idea than ignoring them. You may end up in trouble from just getting “reminded” too often.


Reply to @feltonlegal: Do you really want to have to do a dance with Customer Support after your gig/account has been suspended because of an automated system? :slight_smile: