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Reminder: Review the order requirements NOW!

So, I wake up this morning and see notifications on my phone that I have a few $5 orders, all from regulars of course, since I got "algorithm’d’ like everyone else. Ok, go make coffee and my phone suddenly starts vibrating like crazy. Could it be? Some NEW orders? Nope, it’s a bunch of emails: “Reminder: Review the order requirements now,” something about not having checked on the requirements for a bunch of five dollar orders that aren’t due for another three days that’ll take 10 minutes each at most. But apparently we need to be reminded to check those requirements, like a child needs to be reminded to do their homework.

I went to check notification settings to see if there was any way to turn off these infantalizing notifications, but nope. Apparently this is not optional. Blech.

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I know how you feel :smile:

But I don’t really check my email reminders anyway. Luckily it’s not a push notification on the app (yet :zipper_mouth_face:).

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Yes its a push notifications app
And it was

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The other day, someone wanted to be reminded 6 or 12 hours before the deadline, and some people agreed that a reminder would be great. Maybe Fiverr is doing what some people want.


There’s a difference between 6-12 hours before the deadline and three hours after the order was placed.

I’d be alright with such a feature, but it should still be optional.

I wouldn’t mind a lot of features as long as they were optional.

I thought of something… Perhaps this particular feature is there because of the To Do list bug?