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Reminder: Review the order requirements

So, I get a message in my inbox from a guy about a video project he wants to work on. We agree and he decides to order. However, he accidentally ordered twice and he then accidentally requested for cancellation on both of them. Now, I accepted one of the cancellations but I wanted to proceed with my work with the next order. I declined the cancel dispute. He sent me the requirements again and again, but the order wasn’t starting. I tried all sorts of things like pressing the option “I have all the information I need” but the order just wasn’t starting. The “Deliver your work” button isn’t showing up and the countdown timer neither. I sent a reminder to the buyer, he responds and fills the order requirements, but nothing happens. I contacted the Resolution Center and they emailed back saying I needed to review the order requirements. Clicked all the links and they all were sending me to the order page where there was nothing basically. I messaged the buyer from the Chat and Inbox page a couple of times. Nothing. Like, HOW DO I EVEN REVIEW THESE REQUIREMENTS? There’s no button showing up nor anything. Please if anyone could help me, I’d really appreciate it!


I’d suggest asking CS for that issue will be more effective.


Yes, but can someone tell me how you normally review these order requirements when you’re asked so?

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This bug isn’t from you, I believe it’s from the site. Because they were two order placed and one was a mistake. So upon cancellation of one of the order affects the other one. I suggest you should send him a custom offer and can cancel the one which the requirements aren’t able to be submitted. If that’s also possible.

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Good suggestion. I was thinking about the same thing. I should write to CS though, if they can cancel without affecting my ratings.

Thank you for replying! :slight_smile:

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Yes, by telling them order was place accidently.

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