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🎗 No Info Provided - Order Hanging

Hello Friends,

It has been a long time since I asked something here. And today, I have a genuine question that I do not see talked about in this Forum.

:boom: A buyer ordered a Gig
:boom: Did not provide information I need to start work
:boom: The Order did not Start and it is still Hanging in the middle of nowhere
:boom: Buyer comes online, he last visited 4 days ago, but does not respond to my messages

I have the option of starting the order, clicking on the link saying I have info and then deliver a dummy image (my gig) telling the buyer that I will do the actual work when he provides info.

The other way is to go to resolution center and apply for a cancellation - this is going to hurt me for no fault of mine, as you can be sure of by now.

:question: What does the community suggest me to do?

Thanks everyone!

Hi :slight_smile:
I think you should wait and see… You have no effect until the order starts… I have a previous experience like this… I was dropping so many texts to him but he not replied… But one day he did … he said

‘sorry it took a long time. didn’t have access to my account! thanks, very good fast work.’

in my review :slight_smile: So wait and see… :slight_smile: Good luck


If you deliver a fake order and they catch you, most probably you will get a warning from fiverr.

I think the order will be cancelled automatically after two weeks or so.



No - it sits there indefinitely - from past experience, just leave it as I discovered if you cancel it, even after months, it’ll count against you. :frowning:

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I checked regarding the second part!
Sorry, I was wrong. You can cancel the order after one week without asking the buyer. something like that lol


That would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service and, as you’ve been told, you could get an account warning for it.


Same condition here one of my client also make an order one week ago and did not provide me any info i am also waiting

Thanks @anjaleelive1, @kha1ed, @offlinehelpers, @catwriter & @smartseoz for your comments. Yes, I totally understand the violation risk - and I am not going to do that, of course.

But my main question is if I go to resolution and cancel it, why would Fiverr put it against me? There is no fault of mine in this. Why should I be punished for it?


Totally agree! They all count against us, so please don’t cancel it - as I said, I made that mistake! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just ignore it.

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:bomb: Isn’t this then an open-ended bug in the entire cycle

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That could be one description for it! :wink:


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don’t cancel order just leave if client give you all info that you want then well and good if not then it doesn’t effect on your account and if you cancel order then it will effect on your account rank

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If you ignore that Pending Order then it will be counted as an Active Order if you want to use “Available NOW” feature.


Better that than a cancellation in my humble opinion. :sunny:

cancel order !!
delivering order with no work is violation of TOS

or leave it as it is i also have 1 order buyer didnt fill order requirements its hanging from past 6 months

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Order only show on gig when buyer give all information to seller and countdown will be start in this situation the order can be cancel

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That is why the OP is asking whether it’s better to cancel it or leave it alone. :woman_facepalming:

What’s your advice to the OP please? :sunny:


I already said leave it it can not effect on his account may be buyer is waiting for some reason and after that he give him info the he require

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Very sensible! :slightly_smiling_face:

But why then add this please?

You don’t get any sort of bonus for ‘I can state the obvious’ posts - it really won’t bring you sales - I promise! :slightly_smiling_face: