Reminder that a cancelled order is due in 12 hours? really fiverr?


Title says it all. “Oh shit! an order due in 12 hours? no I don’t! what?”

“oh yeah, that order I cancelled! glad I don’t have to turn that in!”

but the reminders… it’s like fiverr is shaming me for not completing an order.



HAHAHA! be a slave and work harder lol.


I think this message affects the gig.
Due to this message we changed the time from a maximum of 24 hours to 2 days.


huh? The gig is cancelled. It will be due in Never hours.


The only slaves on Fiverr are those who don’t understand how to work for themselves – and earn their own success. You don’t have to “be a slave”, but you will be, as long as you view yourself to be one. :wink: