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Reminder to Myself! (Self-Talk)

  1. Never take orders that are too big, such as writing ebooks. You know you cannot handle it, as we found out today.

  2. Stop wasting time - that means less internet surfing, no more Twitter, no more politics and no more Fiverr Forum (which has been a recent indulgence). Sports is okay.

  3. From this moment on, finish every order on time. You had your first “seller failed to deliver in time” today…let that be the last!

That’s it! Have fun!

Yes. I know that feel with #1. I learned that myself early on, thinking big orders were where it was all at. Turned out, I couldn’t complete them in the time frame most people wanted them done. Instead now I offer my services chapters at a time for e-books past 10,000 words. As I explain to the customer, it’s a little slower that way comparatively, but they’re saving money in the long run, and assuring quality.