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Remote Sessions for computer repair?


Hey guys! Im gaining some momentum on one of my new gigs, and I wanted to check on wether it was ok or not to accept information from them to use a remote desktop. This consists of me asking them to download a program, then them sending me a code. I’m not sending them any of my information, so is this a violation of the TOS? I just want to be careful.


Hi bolharr2250,
I came across this old post in a search. I’m very new to fiverr but looking to do something similar to what you discuss above. I’m curious if you got your question answered and what the answer was.


It doesn’t sound like it would be an issue but I would suggest sending a message to Customer Support and clearly explaining what you are thinking about.


Like @eoinfinnegan said, it doesn’t sound like an issue. I pay for a commercial version of ScreenConnect, which means I only have to share 1 URL, and that’s it. No customer data exchanged or entered, and they can’t contact me via the program after the session is over.

To be safe, contact CS. That way you’re making sure to follow the rules. I honestly think Fiverr should have video chat and screen sharing built in, but that’s just my opinion.