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Remotely fix your computer,clean any kind of virus and optimize



I will remotely join to your computer via TeamViewer and remove any kind of virus and make it virus free.Then i will optimize your pc for maximum performance by tweaking windows.Also i’ll teach you how to be secure in the future.



Under review…


This is something of great value for a lot of people. The only small problem you might face is people letting you in on their computer.


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Thanks for the reply.No need to worry i do nothing with people’s privacy


Its a good idea but as @aweberr said a lot of people are going to be very hesitant to give you access for many reasons. The other issue is is in your profile, a lot of people do not know what a ethical hacker is and as soon as they see the word hacker anyway they think hacker=steal all my stuff. One of the things I used to do as part of my job was penetration testing and if you try to explain to people what that is they go loony tunes on you and think you are a hacker or work with anonymous, oh yeah! I think you will have a bit of difficulty with this, but it is a good idea.


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Didn’t think about that.I changed the profile description.Thanks for the comment. :slight_smile:


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