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Removal feedback one star!

Hi everyone,
ufortunately I have an issue with a very bad buyer who has defamed me…I finished the work according to the requirements as I said to the buyer, but the order was finished in automatic because he didn’t respond within the terms of the revision. After 3 days he appeared again with one star! I’m shocked :frowning:
He said “I’m looking for an orange cover… a bunch of small blobs of illustrated cartoon, viruses” but all this was not specified in the info of the order. It’s completeley different and he written “I didn’t see any message from you” but I had written to the buyer with a work in progress before to finish and deliver the illustration.
Is it possible to ask the removal of the feedback to the customer support? I don’t know how it will end.


There is no way to remove feedback.

I believe the buyer can still change the review if you sent a modification request, but this will mean that you have to provide exactly what he or she requests.


Also, you must in no way imply that you do those changes only for the buyer to change the review. Because that’s against the rules.

The buyer has 3 days to change the review. It becomes permanent after that.

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This buyer didn’t communicate at my questions of clarifications! There wasn’t communication and it’s very frustating to receive negative feedback from these junk buyers. The order has been comlpleted in automatic. I had to close the dispute to modify the review because the buyer does not want to collaborate. Obviously I left a negative feedback and I protected my reputation and work

I’m not sure that is correct. You can ask what it would take to make the buyer happy with the order and a 5 star review, as far as I know.

5 days but this buyer didn’t want to collaborate…I closed the dispute and left a negative feedback. This buyer has insulted me and wrote the fake.

I was informed about this by CS team lead back in December. It can be considered a “coercion of a good feedback” according to them and lead to an account strike.

It’s awesome if it was changed since then and now it’s not the case, though.

Asking what it would take to make the buyer happy enough for a 5 star review is seen as coercion? I’m going to ask them myself, as that makes no sense to me.

We are allowed to request that they change the review in the resolution center, so why would we not be able to ask what would make them happy?

What reason would they have to change the review if the order itself can’t be improved upon? Why would it be wrong to ask what needs to be improved?

I’m just quoting what I was told. “It should not look like you’re offering additional work in an exchange for a better review”.

It can be a matter of how you word it exactly but it’s not my first language so I’m not taking any chances with the semantics of it all.


For this bad buyer fiverr has also removed my current level! I have no words for this ridiculous monthly evalutation! I’ll provide to see other sites too because I got tired of these ridiculuos rules.

Oh, how I wish we could see the buyer’s ratings as well. He’s still free to damage somebody else’s reputation here.

Contact CS (Fiverr Customer Support) and they can remove it for you. Just explain your case as much as you can and prove that you need feedback removal. They will check your conversations with buyer.

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It is tough luck,. fiverr support don’t even look at the orders on a one on one basis. They just send you some automated response.

Hi @misscrystal

Once I asked a buyer, what should I do to make you happy and get a 5 star review? Buyer asked for a very small revision and review was changed using resolution centre. After few days, I got a warning on my account. Fiverr said - As for the warning that was provided, it appears that you were warned as you have suggested to one of your buyers to leave a certain rating for one of your orders. To avoid something like this, we recommend that you only suggest to your buyers to rate your orders. For example, please send them a message after the order delivery requesting them to rate your order (do not ask for a specific star rating)..

So, I think we can ask for a better review but can’t ask for specific star rating.

It is against Fiverr’s policies for Sellers to solicit feedback changes from Buyers in exchange for refunds, discounts, upgrades or any other type of additional benefit.


I asked the buyer to PM me the revisions and after they were done I asked if they would reconsider the rating (without requesting a specific one). The CS made me message the client with the “clarification” that I am in no way implying the revisions were done in an exchange for a better rating.

But then again, they used the word “might” – It MIGHT be considered soliciting so it depends on the personal opinion of who’s looking into the issue at the given moment, I guess.

Yes fiverr should add a buyer’s profile as well…or at least change the limit of the single option. 90% of all is too high…I thought fiverr counted the average of all the perfomances not the single. This system does not work

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im agreed for that… fiverr blocked sellers every way… but not buyers… some buyers junk… they have no idea about the rating and reviews… i