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Removal of Availible now from seach filters


Fiverr has removed availble now option from search filters…Anybody who can share thoughts on that?I used to get some orders using that but nothing now :disappointed_relieved:

Using Available Now

It was unfair for those sellers who never had the “Available Now” button on their profiles (like myself) in the first place anyway. It should be available when Available Now button is active for ALL SELLERS (or sellers above a certain level, maybe).


Yes, you are right but it had eligibility criteria.If you meet the criteria you get the option.I think it was very helpful for those who were not among the sales!


I was way above the requirements for the button but never had it. So it is not about meeting the criteria. They might bring it back when it works properly for all sellers.


,Hope so


Many people were eligible for it, but Fiverr somehow picked people to test it. Some people did not like it. I know I would not want it or use it if I had it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have received it, but I have mixed feelings about it:

  • I see the potential if it would’ve been properly designed (delivered orders counted as active, too? :roll_eyes: ), but I can’t use it because of the way it was implemented; they could’ve at least ignored the delivered orders until they would be reopened (IF they ever get reopened, which is a rare occurrence)

  • when I get the chance to use it, I don’t see much difference in terms of sales; of all times I’ve used it, I’ve had about 2 basic orders because I was “Available Now”, and the rest was pretty much messages from potential buyers who actually needed something entirely different than what I was offering (or just regular spam)

So it’s basically a feature that you can have if eligible but that cannot be used most of the time :neutral_face:


I can type in my name and still not be found.


I can find you by your name no problem. You have to write the URL this way to find yourself:


:joy: :rofl: You are so silly, Miss Crystal.


:stuck_out_tongue: … Jupiter in conjunction with my sun makes me jolly.


It was other people on different computers who couldn’t find me. Not me. I know how to long into my own account.


The sole purpose of the AN feature was designed to let buyers know the seller is online, ready to work and ready to communicate without any waiting period. Almost like an instantaneous chat feature. The problem is that the inbox system isn’t a chat system so although the AN feature was given to me I was always banned from it.

I think this is a very good feature that needs some tweaking and possibly, a little more love.


Exactly! :slight_smile:

Which is why I don’t understand why Fiverr considers delivered orders as active. I’ve delivered them, I’m ready for more and have nothing to work on, I’m “available now”.

So why would they prevent me from being listed as available? Because of the rare possibility that a buyer could reopen an order via dispute? Then why not consider it active after it was reopened, IF it would even be reopened?

I’m starting to sound like a broken record considering how many times this has been reiterated :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t have said it any better myself :grin:


I’m still seeing available now.

I’ve used it sometimes, you have to have less than 5 active orders. So if you have 2 orders and 3 delivered orders, you can’t turn it on.

The way to use it is to split your browser so you have one window with Fiverr, one window to surf the web. That way you’ll be able to reply messages immediately. Available now requires almost immediate attention.