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Removal of cancellation statistics out of our control


Every day I see people posting on this forum about buyers ordering a gig, saying they’ve submitted the information when they haven’t and then letting the timer run out, oblivious to the fact it affects the sellers rating.

I’d love to see a feature in which, if a seller has to cancel an order due to a buyer being non-responsive and thus making the order delivered late which is out of the sellers control, they should be able to submit a dispute to Fiverr that removes the cancellation and the order altogether.

I know that Fiverr no longer publicly advertises how many orders the seller has cancelled, but I’m sure the cancellation statistics are still factored in to how high ranked the sellers gig is, and obviously whether it should be featured or not which clearly shouldn’t be accounted for when the delivery time is taken out of the sellers control.

I’d say my cancellation rating is about 10-15% higher, just due to non responsive buyers which I do think is a little unfair if the above system is in place when determining the exposure of gigs.

I’ve never contacted customer support so apologies if this is already a ‘thing’, or whether this is genuinely something that should be considered by the Fiverr staff if hasn’t been already.


Hi londonpros,

I understand this exactly, and agree with you, hopefully some action will be taken!

-Level 2 Seller



This was the whole point of the discussion, mutual cancellations still affect the cancellation ratio, and so if the buyer doesn’t submit the information soon enough I’ll request a mutual cancellation which in return affects my cancellation ratio…


Reply to @kjblynx: It says you need a low cancellation rate for a particular level. Do mutual cancellations affect this?


Reply to @kjblynx: Ok thank you.