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Removal of user from fake countries


I believe my title have said it all. Please kindly do so. There are many fake user out there. I do choose seller based on countries. I prefer designers & architects from South east Asia, writers from the uk or USA, because of their high level of skills trained locally.

I’ve recently purchased a content writing gig. The seller profile is apparently a female blonde from USA. I gave him my website to view as reference. As my website is not yet launch & I don’t expect any visitor beside myself.

I’ve managed to track on google analytic that he’s actually from Nigeria. His write ups is so bad, copy & paste work. I feel like cancelling the order. I could even write better.

Fiverr please do something.



WOW this post is EXACTLY what I was about to write about. Is there not any way Fiverr can Use IP address or something to automatically address a country to a user? I just turned down a social medial narketing offer from an atractive american woman because A) she has not previous gigs B) has no previous work to show me at all to varify they can do the work C) Is obviously not an attractive american lady but indeed a man in **** or ******* or ********.

This needs to stop. I have seen lotso f it recently and It is putting me off Fiverr


I think that is what Fiverr actually does, it´s just that some people use VPNs to make their IP that of another country. You can compare their local time which the inbox will show you to see whether it matches their country, local time seems not possible or at least too bothersome for most people to spoof.


my original post was hidden as some user flagged it up aparently. I am new here so dont want to rock the boat but i wonder if its the scammers flagging my post up?? Seems silly to have hidden it


It’s not allowed to mention any country, region, race, and so on, in a negative way.

You can read the rules here: