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Remove 1,200 character limit on messages

I mentioned this before but did not get too much of a response.

The 1,200 character limit for message responses needs to be removed. There is no real need for it. The way that it was last year was suffice where there was no limit on the amount of text you could send to somebody. In the past I often wrote close to 500 word plus responses to messages when people asked about my service or had a query. Now I have to fit everything into 1,200 characters. This means that I frequently have to break my messages down into more than one part (annoying), or in most cases really change up what I was planning to say in a bid to ensure it stays within the box (even more annoying for both me and my clients)

Can’t we have unlimited character responses back? (well, unlimited to an extent, I think the limit was like 20,000 characters previously)

It is a problem.

I’d like an increase in the character limit on our gig pages as well. 2,500 would be a good starting point.

jtengle said:
  • I'd like an increase in the character limit on our gig pages as well. 2,500 would be a good starting point.

Even 2,500 is not enough. I was thinking something closer to 10,000.

I think half of my current gig descriptions are telling people what I don’t do. I need more space for my actual selling points.

Good post, Ryan.

Short Story: I’m a new Buyer on Fiverr. The 1200 character limit is losing money for Fiverr.

Long Story: I’ve been trying to contact multiple Sellers. I need to buy a LOT of Gigs, as my business is entering “restart mode” after my recent absence - and I’m swamped! I’m hoping some of the talented sellers on Fiverr can “take things off my overloaded plate”.

Trying to fully describe my needs before purchasing, (in order to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary cancellations) via 1200-character messages, turns out to be impossible in many cases. I’ve had to resort to Word attachments - just to be able to “talk” to sellers!

Ryan is right, Fiverr decision-makers: Please raise the 1200 limit.

Thank you,


Yep, this limit always made me angry, because I have many buyers who ask a lot of details or have a lot of questions, and it’s impossible to fit it all in one message.

The only 2 solutions for now are to either break up the message into mutliple shorter messages, or send a text file with the entire message :wink:

Why the limit anyway?.. this is supposed to promote efficiency and productivity at a low price… Isnt that counter productive. I just started on Fiverr and it’s really getting under my skin!

Ugh I hate the limit, it’s so stifling. My customers often have to send me text files for instructions and the such, and it can sometimes be confusing if I don’t get to labeling them properly.