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Remove a delivery from the gallery

Hello !
I translate books and ebooks on Fiverr, for the last delivery, the FULL ebook appear in the gallery of my gig. I imagine that the buyer would like to sell his new ebook in french, it’s a problem !

Seller cannot remove a delivery from the gallery ? We have to contact the buyer to do it by himself ?

Do we have solution about this ? The seller cannot decide by himself to keep or remove a delivery in his own gallery ?
I need this option ! :smiley:

Have a nice day guys,



You could have avoided this by turning off your live portfolio. However it was the buyer that made the mistake not you. When they complete an order it gives them an option to share their order on your portfolio. I believe its a box they needed to uncheck but didn’t. I do not believe there is anything else you can do. Maybe contact CS to see if they can help/


Thank you for your answer, I just disabled the “Live Portfolio” and the gallery is now empty :slight_smile: I prefere that !
For the other who are looking for an answer :
Go the main page of your gigs, click to open the drop-down to the right and uncheck “Live Portfolio” !


Thank you for this :heart_eyes: I had a similar problem and it had me freaking out based on the photo I saw.

Thank you so much, that live portfolio tip was SO helpful!

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