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Remove a portfolio sample (Buyer)


Please tell me how to remove a portfolio sample used by sellers?
By buyer has given me feedback to complete the order but he does not want the drawing (image) to be shown in my portfolio.
I know how to remove it before the order is completed but is there any way to remove it after the order is completed?
I have to guide the buyer so images would be helpful if anyone can provide on how to do so?

Thanks in advance.

You can do it yourself - switch off the live portfolio for your gig before you deliver your order. Once the order’s completed, just switch it back on, so no problem needed for your buyer to solve! :slight_smile:

But the order has already been completed.

Sorry - didn’t realise that!

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Thanks for the help.

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You’re very welcome! :slight_smile:

Very informative.Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: