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Remove Background From Pictures 1 Houres

Hi, my name is Ghulam Murtaza. I have no orders for last week .
pls check my gig.
i need order plz help me
Allah Bless You


Maybe it’s because you are offering something that now everyone with a cell phone can do, and everyone with a computer knows how to do.

You need to learn something that requires more skill if you want to start a freelancing career in 2021.


sir i have 4 year expereance

I don’t doubt that.

I am just saying: in those 4 years, this “skill” went from being gated by those who could afford Photoshop to being something you can do for free using a website (

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you are right sir but iam using adobe photoshop and 2 othar softwer

I don’t think you understand what I am saying.

You seem to refuse to acknowledge what is happening.

Experience and tools have nothing to do with what the market tells you.

Listen to it.

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ohk sir God bless you

Just using and owning software doesn’t make you a professional designer.
Plus you did not even upload your own photoshopped images,

you used a screenshot from these:

You violated Fiverr TOS here:
I am Ghulam Murtaza Baloch from Sindh Pakistan i am Graphic designer
Currently working on photo editing and emovalbackground.
You can also contact me on my Facebook account name RockyMurtazaMaxwell
Thank You

Sharing FB account is not allowed.

With 4 years of experience, you should at least have 15 photos on your computer, 3 each for each GIG, not just one per GIG.

Your other images are taken from Tiktok video, screenshots.

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